We have reconsidered the price for some of the available items.

We wish to advise you of the following price reductions. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Hasami Ware Compra Bottle
JPY50,000 -> 45,000

Southern Song Dynasty Five Handled Ewer with Soba Glaze
JPY45,000 -> 42,000

Qing Dynasty “Chine de Commande” Blue and White Dish with American Eagle Design
ASK -> 120,000

Jin Dynasty Lushan Duandian Ware White Glazed Bowl with Black Rim
JPY80,000 -> 78,000

Burmese Pottery Tin-lead Green Glazed Cup
JPY60,000 -> 55,000

Joseon Dynasty Blue and White Jar with Flower and Leaf Design
JPY160,000 -> 150,000

Ming Dynasty Ko-sometsuke Blue and White and Copper-red Cup with Playing Horses Design
JPY80,000 -> 68,000

Yayoi Pottery Jar
JPY26,000 -> 24,000

Hirasa Ware White Porcelain Bottle
JPY46,000 -> 42,000

Swatow Ware Blue and White Porcelain Plates, Set of 5
JPY58,000 -> 50,000

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