Craftsman-made Scissors | Taiwan, Unused

¥2,500 JPY

Iron scissors manufactured by craftsmen’s hands in south of Taiwan. In the Island, once scissors used to be this type of hand-made iron scissors.

It seems that it was used for various purposes such as cloth work, gardening, and nail clippers, but nowadays not many people use it, and only a few stores sell the item. Due to the aging of craftsmen, it will be discontinue production very soon.

Taiwan, where has democratized after 50 years of the Japanese rule age, relocation of the Republic of China and 40 years of White Terror. In the midst of such turbulence, this scissors were always beside the Taiwanese people. Even now, It could find the sametype of used scissors on the quarters.

The petaloid design stamped on the crossing of the scissors is probably a plum, the national flower of Taiwan.

Soot stains were attached at the time of manufacturing. Rust can be seen because it has not added anticorrosive, but it will be easy to remove. There are multiple stocks. All new.

W6.5cm × D10.5cm × H0.5cm
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