“Flying Pine” Trompe-l’oeil Stamp Painting Dishes Set of 7 | Japan,19C


A small stamp dishes made in the Meiji era in Japan. This peculiar printing picture consist by the trompe l’oeil that looks like a phoenix ​but it is a pine tree flying with roots.

In addition to the majestic wings represented by the leaves, the roots that should have been in the soil are exposed to the air and become tail is such an imagnation. In the history of pottery, I wonder this tree might be the only tree that has been drawn up to the end of the root. Feathers have a peacock-like feature, but this might be a pinecone.

A masterpiece which deconstructed Kacho Fugetsu (beauties of nature in Japanese aethtetic) with stamp printing. The condition is good except that 2 out of 7 have a slight chip. The white spots and gaps in the designs of blue painting indicate that the stamps of that time still relied on hand work.

W11cm × H2.5cm
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