Goryeo Ash Glazed Bowl


A bowl fired in the Goryeo dynasty. It has a bulgy shape body with an outwarded lip and a small bamboo joint foot. The reduction-fired ash glaze turned out to be celadon-like bluish-green colour and is shown the scenery glaze drips. This group of bowls fired in folk kilns in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula is thought to be the model of the Irabo Chawan that was later produced with the participation of the Japanese. This bowl with unpretentious and artless craft appeals to the wabi-sabi taste.

The excellent Kintsugi repairs are applied to a chip and hairlines on the lip. In addition, there are minor ageing can be seen around the edge, but overall it is in good condition.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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