Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Dish


A dish fired in the early Joseon dynasty. The transparent glaze applied to the hard porcelain clay turned out to be a sage green and covered with fine craquelure. It has a slight brim shape, and spurmarks are left on the front face and the foot.

This type of white porcelain resembling Chinese Qingbai ware had been produced in local kilns along with Buncheong ware before the full-scale production of Katade-type. This dish has a neat and bronze ware-like sharp form which modelled the high-quality works of the Gwangju official kiln. In addition, the rustic beauty of the potter’s wheel marks on the body and the traces of a spatula on the inside base is the charms.

There are no noticeable flaws except for slight ageing on the rim and minor scratches on the surface.

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