Muromachi Period Wooden Statue Of Jizo Bodhisattva | 14-16C

¥15,000 JPY

A wood carving Kṣitigarbha (Jizo bodhisattva) statue from an anonymous temple. Though it seems to be one of a Sentaibutsu, which made a thousand bodies of same type statue for memorial service, and this piece is elaborately made because those type of statue are usually crude, but the line of a surplice remains firmly for this piece even though it is totally decayed.

Jizo Bodhisattva was originally a bodhisattva with a high status of salvation for those in distress with the heart of compassion, but in Japan, it had been mixed with the ancestral god and became popular among the people.

The faith has been close to people’s lives in the country. It suspect that even the ghostly appearance conclude some familiarity. The face can’t be confirmed, but he must have had a gentle expression with a smile on his face.

Both hands and aureola are missing. The aureola pillars are left on the back.

W8cm × D5.5cm × H23cm
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