Yatsushiro Ware Flat Teabowl with Brush Mark Slip Design


A Yatsushiro ware flat teabowl made in Higo in the late Edo period. A brush mark slip is designed on the front face and the back, and celadon glaze is applied except for the base.

In 1632, Hosokawa Tadaoki, who was transferred to Higo (current Kumamoto pref.), opened a kiln in current Narakicho, Yatsushiro City, along with Korean potter Sonkai (Kizo Agano), the founder of Agano ware. Goryeo-style inlay works gradually dominated most of their works, but there were also Joseon-style examples such as Hakeme and Mishima design. The single-stroke circle design, which differs from the original white slip brushed design, reveals the aesthetic sense of the Yatsushiro ware that uniquely sublimated the Korean techniques.

There are tea stains from long-term use, but there are no other noticeable defects, and the condition is excellent. It comes with a box.

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