Goryeo Unglazed Pottery Jar ‘Onggi’ | Korea, 11-13C

Unglazed pottery jar with an unique shape. It is an unglazed stoneware which is probably a prototype of ‘Onggi’, which is an unglazed or dark brown glazed pottery from Korea.

In the Korean Peninsula, the ‘Buncheong ware’ and the white porcelain were mainly used as serving equipments, and the ‘Onggi’ was used as storage containers and cooking utensils. These are clearly divided by the craftsmen, and are said to be in different genealogy.

This jar is probably made from before the Joseon Dynasty, therefore it may not be precisely called ‘Onggi’. However, the four holes placed in the circularly protruding part tell that it was hung from above and heated directly, which would have been passed down to the later ‘Onggi’.

Most regions in Asia have its own native unglazed earthenware, but it may not be found easily if there was any other regions that made so precise and sturdy ware at that time.

There is no notable damage except a slight chip.

W15cm × H14cm
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