Sinto Bell Made With Bronze | Japan, 17-19C


A hand bell from a storehouse of an old Japanese house. There is no ball inside the bell, so that the sounds is created by hitting each bells.
It is a characteristic of old Japanese bells that each artifacts are made differently which making deep sounds with various tones mixed in.

The tip of the handle is split into two parts, with four bells on one side and three bells on the other, a total of seven bells. It seems unsymmetrical and lack of balance, but if this is intentional, it is more likely to presumed as a Shinto ritual item. This is because in Shinto, even-numbers are avoided due to the influence of Yin Yang. It is a speculation, so that it may be a kind of ‘Kagura’, sacred music and dance in shrine, bell.

The tip of the body looks like a two-pronged halberd, clearly imitates the head of a snake, that tells a connection with the myth of serpent.

W8cm × D20cm
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