Khmer Pottery Bottle Covered With Iron-brown Glaze | Cambodia, 12-13C


A bottle made in Khmer Empire as known as Anchor Empire which existed in mainland Southeast Asia from the 9th to the 15th century. Its rounded shape and horizontal lines on the shoulder are one of the typical Khmer pottery style. The identity of Khmer pottery was enigmatic until the 1970s, and subsequent research has confirmed that it is the first glazed pottery in Southeast Asia today.

It is probably a work gradually moved away from the influence of India and the Middle East and began to shift to Buddhism. A small neck and a chubby torso are charactaristic of Khmer style but the Hindu taste is somewhat modest. The base is not a flat bottom by thread trimming that tells the possibility of making it in today’s Thailand.

However this piece still gives a exquisiteness impression by covering with brown in spotted color.

The overall condition is good for its age. There is a kiln scratch mark on body, very slight chips in the spout.

W12cm × H11.5cm
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