Cizhou Ware Pottery Bowl With Plum Design | China, 16-17C

¥8,000 (tax included)

A bowl excavated from the northwest of Thailand, but it made in a Cizhou kiln located in northern China nor Thailand. Also, the similar items have been excavated large amounts in Korean peninsula, so that earthenwares such as Cizhou ware were also supplyed to overseas before the full-scale export of porcelain began.

A symbol at the center seems like a design of abstructed snakes which exists from ancient China, but it is rare to be drawn in medieval or later works like this, therefore it has more oftenly seen from ancient works. Similar symbols exist in various places such as Japan, Kavkaz, and Spain, Celtic but their relevance is unknown.

There is a crack line and a chip, but the overall condition is good.

W12cm × H4cm
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