Red Painting Ash Glaze Pottery Small Dish With Phenix Decoration | 19C

¥13,000 JPY

A small ash glaze dish with a red phoenix painting on it. It is clear that it made as an ‘after painting(Atoe)’, which means adding color and decoration on the ceramic by different maker and it is distinguished as ‘overglaze painting’, because the painting is on the tipped part as well, however it paradoxically proves that the painter had no intention to deceive to make fake item.

The humorous and drastic designs are similar taste to Chinese Tianqui Porcelain(Ko Sometsuke) and Korean folk paintings, but the idea of ​​using red paintings for pottery feels somewhat Japanese style, and the clay colors and shapes are similar to Karatsu ware. However, since it is a ‘after painting’, the place where it was burned and drawn would not always match, and it can be said that it is impossible to trace its origin.
Perhaps it was accidentally dropped somewhere in East Asia.
A phoenix with a mysterious charm invites us to the other side of the authenticity.

One small chip on the edge and one small chip on the base, and some small kiln process damege, but these are not very noticeable.

W10.5cm × H2.5cm
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