Tokoname Ware Water Jar | Japan, 18C


A reddish brown jar covered with dripped ocher-color natural glaze. There is an Tantric imprints on shoulder of the ware. It reminiscent of local pottery around South China and Southeast Asia, however it was made in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It was a type of jar fired mainly around the 15th century called later “Fushiki water jar” which was yearned by Tea masters but was often misunderstood as a southern wares. This jar is a little younger, and it was used for tea ceremony in the Edo period, and reproducted of the original Fushiki water jar for the orders.

What does the imprints mean is unclear, but there are some opinion that increase the strength of shoulder of the ware, and also examples that were used as cinerary urn, so it was possibily religious implications were included.

There are some chips in the mouth, but there is no water leakage and the condition is good, no signature.

W18cm × H13cm
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