Ka Long Ware Jug Covered With Iron Glaze, Turtles And Swills Design | Thailand, 15-16C


A water jug baked in a Ka Long kiln where is in between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. Ka Long ware, its uniqueness with cosmological pattern, which is one of the kilns related to the Northern Thai dynasty called Lanna Thai. The kiln was opened later than the Sukhothai or Si Satchanalai kilns in central Thailand.

Innumerable dots, swirls, and turtles are drawn. Ka Long ware is known for their elaborate painting, but it seems that their works are not constant, and rarely found such deformed painting ones. Even though, the consistent cosmology may be felt because Buddhist astronomy, which was popular in the Lanna Dynasty, influenced the style.

There is one crack on the base that was occured baking prcess, but the rest is in good condition.

W9.5cm × H12cm
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