Buddism Acala Statue | Japan, 14-16C


A sitting Buddhist statue with an anger expression, wearing thick soots. It is reminiscent of being enshrined in the dark hall where the lights sway for a long time. This figure seems like Fudo Myo because there are traces of his sword and rope (lost already ), but there are many unnatural points such as sitting on a lotus flower.

While there are not much found of Fudo Myo (Buddhist god Acalanatha) in India and China, but many were created in Japan according to the esoteric Buddhism propagation. And It was probably created in those environment but also that the craftsman was confused with another God figure or syncretize with another ancient God of Japan.

The material should to be bronze, but it is not clear. It seems that years of soots mask various facts, just like wearing a veil.

W5cm × H8.5cm
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