Cizhou Ware Pottery Jar With Two Handles Decorated With Stripe Design, Jin Dynasty | China, 12-13C

¥45,000 (tax included)

A two handled jar with stripe design, baked in the Chizou kiln in the days of the Jin dynasty, which was founded by Jurchen people in northern China. The distinctive design in which fine lines of white clay bulge in stripes was widely used in the kilns around Shanxi.

It is surprising that such stunning ceramic was burned in the private kilns of that time and used in everyday life. It is speculated that the envious towards the Han (Chinese) culture and the fear of assimilation were intricately intertwined, giving the form of style in this work a kind of rigor and tension.

There are no remarkable damage and the condition is fine. Perhaps to prevent water leakage, ash glaze is thinly applied around the base where black glaze is not applied.

W13cm × H10cm
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