Earthenware Chalice With Pattern | Afghanistan, 10C-8C B.C

¥32,000 (tax included)

An ancient earthenware chalice found in Afghanistan. Its shape is derived from the culture of nomadic people, pouring wine or fermented liquor into animal’s horn. This admirable decrepit shape like shabby boots, and it’s far from the a fierce banquet.

In ancient Persia, there was a called rhyton with a small outflow hole at the tip, and during the libation, the wine was poured through it. Strictly different from the rhyton because there is no outflow hole, this earthenware may belong to the same genealogy.

There is dirt attached, but no notable damage. On the surface that is about to smoltification, you can easily see the characteristic coloring that is unique to prehistoric times. Since the base is made, it can stand on its own.

W10cm × D18cm × H10cm
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