Small Jar Covered With Black Glaze And Petals Pattern | China, 18-19C


A black-glazed small jar fired in China. It features covered thick black glaze on the bulging body of pure white clay. The jar shoulder and the base are decorated with blossom patterns.

This type of small jars have been mis-attributed to Song dynasty in the market, but in recent years the historical examination has been revised. There are many unnatural points as Song dynasty works, even though it looks like an old daily items of Cizhou ware, it is certainly glazed inside and its shape are not characteristics of Song dynasty. But it has profound atmosphere because it is an shipwreck item.

Although there are many unclear points about the exact place of origin, it seems that one of the countries in the Southeast Asia ordered a large number of products as daily wares from China and found in wrecked ship in South China sea.
So that, it is an apt piece for having mature ambience with affordable price.

There is one chip at the rim of the mouth, but there are no other defects that should be noted, and the black glaze is also smooth.

W12.5cm × H9cm
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