Yingge Ware Luster Small Dishes With Palm Tree Design, Set of 3 | Taiwan, 20C

¥5,000 (tax included)

A small plate fired in Taiwan in the 1960s. The orangeish luster on the rim is called “lustre glaze”, a special glaze often seen in Taiwanese ceramics at that time.

The painting is palm trees which is familiar to tropic country Taiwan. But why the ripples that are visible over there are painted with red pigment. The 1960s was the period when white terrorism was most intense. It seems to represent the red blood of the siblings, which dyes the sea of ​​their hometown red.

Many of the Yingge ware of this era are large, and many of them are damaged. It is rare to find something as small as this, and to find as sets.

W7.5cm × H2cm
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