Buncheong Ware Inlaid Celadon Small Dish, Joseon dynasty | Korea, 15C


A small dish or also used as a rice wine cup, inlaid celadon that was fired in the early days of Joseon dynasty, Korea. The gray body inlaid with white clay in a spiral shape, and has a bluish transparent glaze. It belongs to the genealogy of Goryeo celadon, which is the so-called “Buncheong”.

If Goryeo is a blue era, then Joseon is a white era. The Buncheong ware, which was stoneware during the transitional period, declined due to the destruction of many kilns by the 16th-century Imjin War (Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s Japanese invasion of Korea) and the removal of many potters to Japan.

Seemingly there is a line lost into crackle glaze, but would not be a problem for use. From its distorted shape, it seems that you can hear the breath of the Korean potters, who have had a checkered destinies.

W12cm × H4cm
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