Himalayan Indigenous Tharu Wooden Carving | Nepal, 19C

¥21,000 (tax included)

A carved wooden figure of the Tharu people whom have been living in the Tarai Plain on the border of Nepal and India as an indigenous people/ethinic minority. They had been isolated for more than a thousand years in jungle where malaria prevails, forming a unique cultural sphere that is different from Nepal and India. However they have been suffering by exploitative such as bonded labour system known as Kamaiya which existed in Nepal since the 18th century untill 2000, seized their traditional land where they cultivated forced to replace to live, even once they had a protected land in Chitwan, was destroyed by Nepalese soldiers.

This wooden carved statue was enshrined in a Tharu family. Most of the Tharu people are Hinduism combined with animism and shamanism. The shape of body and clothing might indicate an earth goddess that brings fertility, but the dent of the head also may prove that was as a totem of a genital organ.

The sculpture itself is a simple and bare made, however it has been always with people who has been suffering with other’s rule and harsh nature, so that their pray and belive made this piece profound and overwhelmed aura.

W3.5cm × H7.5cm
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