Overglaze Red Enamel Bowl Decorated With Garden And Poetry Design | China, 18-19C

¥13,000 JPY

A small red bowl fired in China during the Qing dynasty. A thin white porcelain with a warped edge is painted with lively patterns by five colors overglaze enamels.

What it would be imagined from the represantation of the innumerable black spots inside the circular architrave in the centre panel. It could be presumed that, a group of fish swimming in the pond, countless bamboo shoots that sprout after rain, or a tea pillar.

The multiple designs such as Karako (Japanese term : the depiction of Chinese children playing), Chinese poetry, and flowers and birds are decorated in radial panels and the composition of two chilldren looking into the central panel is miraculous. In addition, the poems does not make sense if it is read vertically as usual, but if it is read horizontally, it would arise vague meaning.

There is a line and a chip on the outside of the edge, but it is not noticeable.

W13.5cm × H4.5cm
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