Ding Ware White Porcelain Incense Burner With Mythical Creature Legs | China, 11-12C


A white porcelain incense burner fired in the Northern Song dynasty. Its precise vessel shape, pure white body, and a slightly bluish transparent glaze show the characteristics of Ding ware.

This incense burner is a work when the Ding ware was an official kiln. It seems that it was used by royals or aristocracies, but it does not give a gorgeous impression. Rather, the beauty is hidden in the seemingly inconspicuous parts such as the shadows created by the glaze accumulated in the unevenness.

It is an excavated item seeing by the soil adheres to the back of the ears (handles), but the surface is very smooth and glossy. There is a slight line on a leg (forehead of the creature) and the bottom.

W11.5cm × H11cm
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