Persian Oil Lamp Covered With Black Glaze | Iran 12-13C

¥11,000 (tax included)

An Persian oil lamp covered with black glaze. It is a tool for ordinary people who put oil in the upper part and insert a wick to light a fire. It seems to be from the Seljuq dynasty, but the body is reddish black compared to the blue glaze from Nishapur.

It has been buried in the soil with oil attached for long time so the surface has been oxidized, and lost luster. It has a dark appearance, which is in contrast to the eye-catching Islamic blue.

The brown glazed oil lamp can sometimes be excavated, but the black glaze is even less. The black color might be assimilated into the darkness so that it seems unsuitable for lighting equipment, but only the flame would appear in the dark, like a line of poem by Georg Trakl. There are some very small chips, but they are not very noticeable.

W7.5cm × H8cm
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