Blue And White Water Dropper, Joseon Dynasty | Korea, 18-19C

¥23,000 JPY

An blue and white water dropper fired in the end of the Korean Joseon dynasty. The neat cubic shape decorated with stunning ingenuous paintings. The two characters written on the side ’生’ Life, ’水’ Water, and the scenic beauty of landscape are drawn two other sides.

The painting on the top could be a crane. It’s a somewhat humorous depiction, but it’s a little different from the loose paintings that often occurs during the decline of the dynasty. Perhaps the painting was drown by a painter who is not ceramic painter.
The crane is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth in East Asia and in Korea, a crane dance has been performed in the courtyard of the Tongdosa Temple since the 7th century.

No notable damage other than aging stains and natural alteration during the kiln process on the base. This item can be appreciated from various point of view.

W7.5cm × H5cm
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