Celadon Small Dish With Blue And Red Painting | China, 19C

¥14,000 (tax included)

A fan-shaped celadon dish made in the late Qing dynasty. The pommegrants are drawn by a combination of zaffre and cinnabar. The white porcelain with blue and red painting is often seen but it is very rare that a pattern is drawn on the celadon with blue and red painting.

There are some fan-shaped dishes are found in Tianqi porcelain or Ko-sometsuke that was exported to Japan from Jingdezhen in the late Ming Dynasty, therefore it is thought that Japanese tea masters ordered it. In China, the shape has no special meaning, but in Japan, the fan shape has sort of auspiciousness meaning. This dish was made about 200 years later then, it can be said that this small dish belongs to that genealogy.

There is a chip on the back of the rim. The wax seal on the base is a permission mark to take it out from China, stamped by Chinese National Cultural Heritage Administration.

W13.5cm × H2cm
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