Animal Bell Made Of Brass | Cambodia, 19-20C

¥7,000 (tax included)

A bell attached to animals in Cambodia. Since it is relatively small, it is probably used for domestic animal such as goat and sheep instead of cattle.

In the past, the main protein source of Cambodian people was fish, and mostly livestock animals were cooked only at festivals. This is because livestock were mainly treated as services and assets in Cambodia.

People were able to survive by selling livestock if they were in need. As long as the sound of this bell is ringing, they were promised to be safe, even if economically severe. Therefore the tone is unquestionably peaceful, which tells imaginably the bell was not just ascertaining whereabouts of animals.

Rust and darkening due to aging can be seen, but there are no notable defects. And the clapper and the other metal parts are remained as it was, which is uncommon for these animal bells.

W4cm × H6cm
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