Wood Carving Head Of Buddist’s ‘Jyūoh’ | Japan 14-16C

¥10,000 (tax included)

A wooden Buddhist’s head of one of the ‘Jyūoh’ (Ten kings) from the Muromachi period. Probably the head of either ‘Enma’ (Yama) or any of the other kings.

The ‘Jyūoh’ worship was established in late Tang dynasty in China and was introduced to Japan at the end of the Heian period (794 to 1185). Japanese view of afterlife concept, which had been vague until then, was defined in detail by the Jyūoh, resulting in the widespread acceptance of the concept ‘Jigoku’ (hell).

The wooden Buddhist’s head, eaten by insects and still has a stern look even if he loses one eye, feels pride as a judge of the Netherworld who rules the dead.

W5.5cm × H13cm
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