Khmer Small Jar With Lid Covered With Ash Glaze | Cambodia, 10-11C

¥17,000 JPY

A small jar with lid covered with ash glaze fired in . The grayish-white clay, extremely thin glazed, and engraved pattern on the bottom show the characteristics of Phnom Kulen-type wares. Unlike Angkorian wares found in Buriram kiln with black-brown glaze, the early Khmer pottery was whitish which is also found on another Khmer kilns such as Bang Kong, Tani and Kulen.

It is said that most of the Khmer pottery was grave goods, and there are few examples of miscellaneous items used in daily life. It is believed that this scatula was also made as a grave goods, in which has cranial shaped peculiar ambience.

The lid fits to the body quite well, but it possibly adapted. There is a peeling of the glaze and a small chip inside. The lines on the surface does not go through the inside.

W6.5cm × H8cm
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