Sawankhalok Celadon Grazed Figurine | Thailand, 15-16C

¥9,000 (tax included)

A celadon figurine fired in a Sawankhalok kiln in Thailand. It seems to be a kind of mother and child statuette that was made a dozen amount around the 15th century, but instead of a baby, it holds something like a bottle.

The hair is not tied and is short. There is noticeable the difference from the characteristics of mother and child statuette, and it can be suspected that it is a male symbolize as a female. In Thailand, it seems that androgyny has been widely recognized and worshiped since ancient times, as the three, men, women, and androgynous, appear in the World Genesis of Buddhist tales written in Tai Tham script.

The neck and left arm was repaired, but for some reason the left arm is entirely covered with green pigment.

W5.5cm × D4.5cm × H11cm
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