Blue And White Porcelain Tea Cups With Floating Heads Design Set of 3 | China, 18-19C


Such unique Chinese tea cup set of 3. This witty comical painting, abstracted people and floating heads, drew a circle like a mandala that is not considered the craftsmen themselves made it for fun because the three of them have the same design, which is like designed according to certain story. Also It is mirthful to appreciate the difference of each painting on cups.

There is an ambiguous animal charactor is set on the well. This pieces semms like consisting on sort of the China’s unique wittiness and madness.

Signed “Made in the Ming Dynasty” on the base, but it is probably made from the Qing Dynasty, which has oftenly appered the works from this era.

Good condition with no lines and cracks. Two of them are slightly yellowish but not so worrisome.

W7.5cm × H4.5cm
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