Seto Ware Jar Decotrated With Stripe Design ‘Mugiwarade’ | Japan, 19C

¥19,000 (tax included)

A Seto ware jar fired around the end of Edo period. It was used as a charcoal extinguisher, but the lid is missing.

The decoration is the traditional striped design called ‘Mugiwarade’ (straw design) though, this piece even bears a resemblance to French country pottery on its shape of the body and the color arrangement. Also the shape of the binaural handles are also quite different from the earlier works of same kind of jar, and the style is full of the mood of modernization.

It is a kitchenware and it should be used as general goods, but it seems that it was used infrequently. There is one repair on the rim and one on the base, but there are no other notable defects.

W20cm × H20xm
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