Cizhou Ware Red Painting Bowl With Hare Design | China, 12-13C

¥35,000 (tax included)

A pottery bowl with red, green and yellow pigments depicting ears of rice and rabbits. It must have been fired in a Cizhou ware kiln. The painting that captures the moment when the rabbit twists its body is wonderful, and it is reminded the scenic Chinese countryside.

An engobe body dipped into transparent glaze and then fired at a high temperature before the pattern is drawn. This technique originated in the process of developing iron paintings in Cizhou ware, indicating that the earliest red paintings were pottery rather than porcelain.

It is probably that the early red paintings are favored by Mongolian rather than the Han Chinese, because they were made during the Jin dynasty, the conquest dynasty of the Jurchen tribe, and many pieces of pottery were excavated from the ruins of the Yuan dynasty in Mongolia.

The condition is good except for the peeling of the painting and the shrinkage of the glaze on the outside of the rim.

W11cm × H4cm
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