Crypto‐Christian Maria Statuette | Japan, 17-18C


A ceramic statuette of Maria-Kannon from an old house in central Nagano prefecture. It was said that enshrined in one of the two Kamidana, household alter, installed in the house.

About crypto‐Christian in Japan, the impression of Nagasaki and Kyushu region is well known, but Christians and their martyrdom stories and symbolic items thought to be statues of Mary are scattered in the further land, Nagano. Especially in Ina area, the Christian daimyo has been evidenced, and it is presumed that many people were baptized in the surrounding area.

Faith inherited from generation to generation becomes thick soot and covers the entire statue. Since the bottom is not horizontal, it is slightly unstable, but it is not easy to fall down. There is a chip in the left foot.

W7.5cm × D5cm × H17cm
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