Coronial Survenir Toy Janggu | Korea, 20C

¥10,000 JPY

A palm size Janggu, made on the Korean Peninsula under Japanese ruled time. Janggu is a traditional musical instrument widely used in performing arts such as ‘Pungmul’ and folk songs, as well as court music and Buddhist music, but its history has not yet been clarified.

This piece seems to be a kind of toy to guess from the size. Originally, the toys were not widely made in Korea, but toys as crafts during the Japanese colonial era (those under the influence of Japanese folk toys) production has been pushed forward.

It is by no means sturdy, but has no noticeable damage, and almost all parts used appear to be original. The skin may tear, if it is drummed so it should be used only for ornamental purposes.

W8.5cm × H9.5cm
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