Goryeo Celadon Tea Bowl | Korea, 14C

¥19,000 (tax included)

A Korean celadon bowl called Goryeo celadon. It seems to be from the end of Goryeo, when mass production began for the common folks, and there is a spur mark that is the evidence of stacking during the kiln process. The base is getting bigger and the body is plumper, as if in response to the style of the Yuan dynasty that destroyed Song dynasty in China.

Although it was burned under a mass production system, its operation was not stable. The distorted vessel shape and grayish celadon tells the sprouting of Buncheong ware that appears later.

There is a T-shaped line inside surface, long-term use may cause water leakage, but normal use should not be a problem.

W14cm × H7.5cm
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