Joseon Dynasty Black Glazed Jar | Korea, 15-16C

¥35,000 (tax included)

A jar that would have been baked in the early Joseon dynasty era. It is a type of jar called “Shioge” in Japan, which is shaped like an abacus ball. Originally, it was containers for salt and miso, but it was prized by Japanese tea masters as bowls used in a severe cold time because of its narrow mouth shape has excellent heat retention.

It seems that this ware was supposed to be came out with whole blacken, but it was not enough firing during kiln process, and two-thirds of the whole is greenish brown. Its tone of light and dark color is as if the ‘yin yang’, which was believed in Korea, was occurred.

There are no notable defects and the condition is good. Unusual for this type of Korean ware, the bottom is flat without base.

W13.5cm × H10cm
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