Ge-type Ware Celadon Bowl | China, 17-18C

¥28,000 (tax included)

A petal shaped Ge-type ware bowl. It must have been baked in a kiln specializing in reproduction of the Ge ware that existed in the Jingdezhen kiln during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is presumed to have been made in the early Qing dynasty because it is not a ritual vessel but a good practical ware.

Of the brothers Zhang Shengyi and Zhang Shenger who were master craftsmen of Longquan kiln, older brother Zhang Shengyi opened kiln and developed a special type of ware called Ge ware. However, the reality is veiled in mystery, and the authentic works from the Southern Song dynasty are a few stored in mostly the National Palace Museum in Taipei and the Palace Museum Beijing.

A large quantity of rough made Ge-type ware have been produced from the middle of the Qing dynasty to the present, but there are some fine works made during Yuan dynasty to mid-Qing dynasty. This piece is a rather than a reproduction, it can be said that it was a progressive ceramic that incorporated the characteristics of Ge ware. This bowl is a one of them, and the style that black and colorless crackle glaze combined are definitely a Ge ware, but it has an updated shape that did not exist in the Southern Song Dynasty.

It is an ideal for everyday use as a bowl. There are no notable defects and the condition is abosolutely good.

W14cm × H7cm
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