Kyo Ware Long Plate With Narcissuses Design | Japan, 18C

¥18,000 JPY

A petal-shaped long plate with narcissus flowers design. It’s probably a type of Kyo ware, Kiyomizu ware (Kokiyomizu). The gray tone glaze reminiscent of the morning mist seems to represent the clear winter air, further enhancing the beauty of narcissus flowers.

Kokiyomizu is a general term for the ware produced around Awataguchi and Kiyomizuzaka in Kyoto in the early Edo period (1603-). In the 18th century, under the influence of Ninsei Nonomura and Imari ware color painting porcelain, it established its own style.

This plate is from the early 18th century, which is relatively early in the Kiyomizu ware. Perhaps it was to differentiate from Imari ware, there are almost no red paintings in the works of this period. Instead, blue and green are often used, which contributes to the freshness of Kokiyomizu.

There are some minor kiln scratches black dots during kiln process, but there are no notable defects and the condition is good.

W24cm × D14cm × H2.5cm
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