Sukhothai Dish Ostracon With Fish Painting | Thailand, 14-15C

¥5,000 (tax included)

An ostracon of large dish baked in the Sukhothai kiln in the 14th and 15th centuries. A flounder-like fish is drawn, but considering the location of Sukhothai, it would be a freshwater fish that lives in rivers and ponds. The outline of the lower body is omitted and it fuses to the circle.

Why were there such a lot of paintings drawn of fish patterns in Sukhothai kiln’s work? Also in Sawankhalok, which is also a Thai ancient ceramic kiln, fishes are common motif. There must be some of reasons to have fish motif that Thai ceramic was influenced largely by the Chinese Chizou ware, which made fish motif of feculity and prosperity of descendants, also it says Thai food at that moment based on rice and fish, so that fish was familiar motif but it can be imaginable that it just repeatedly made during mass production.

Although it is a sherd of pottery, it has a thick wall and remains firmly on the hill, so it can be used as a dish if washed.

W15cm × D13cm × H5.5cm
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