Joseon Dynasty Blue And White Porcelain Oil Jar | Korea, 18C

¥18,000 (tax included)

A small jar with bamboo grass design in blue and white porcelain. It looks like an Imari ware oil jar, but the glaze and clay of white porcelain are a little different from Imari. It may have been baked on the Korean Peninsula in the latter half of the Joseon era.

Celadon oil jars were had been made since Goryeo (913-1392) to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) on the Korean Peninsula, but blue and white oil jars are rare compared to sake bottles in blue and white. In addition, the rim has an unfamiliar shape, probably it was with a lid attached. This is a form that is rarely seen not only in the Korean Peninsula but also in other East Asian countries.

Although there are some mysterious points, it is an distinctive oil jar which is not inferior to the early Imari ware. There is a chip on the rim and natural alteration on the whole. There are cracks at the bottom occurred during kiln process, but there is no water leakage, making it ideal for sake bottle.

W11cm × H11cm
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