Majapahit Terracotta Animal Figure | Indonesia, 13-15C

¥16,000 (tax included)

A terracotta sculpture from the Majapahit Empire, the last Javanese Hindu-thalassocratic empire in Indonesia that once existed in East Java. The head is in the shape of a pig and the body is in the shape of a fish, and it seems to be an aquatic cryptid or an imaginary animal based on a dugong.

The ruins of Majapahit period are are clustered in Trowulan, eastern Java, and various earthenware have been excavated from the area, such as ornaments, general goods, ritual equipments and toys baked at relatively low temperatures. The Islamization of Java has progressed after the decline of the empire, therefore the unglazed but mythical and religious designs convey the culture of local Javanese people before Islamization. This piece would be valuable as a reference of considering the diversity of today’s Indonesian society.

The tail has been lost, and chips in the entire body as an excavated piece, but the design on one side of the head retains its original form. A wooden stand included.

W6.5cm × D13.5cm × H14cm
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