Blue And White Porcelain ‘Kosometsuke’ With Figure And Mountain Design Dish | China, 17C

¥23,000 (tax included)

A blue-and-white porcelain dish with a person shouldering something like a broom. The thick made vessel and the deep color of Chinese local zaffere show the characteristics of ‘Kosometsuke’.

‘Kosometsuke’ is identified slipshod blue-and-white porcelain that was baked in the local kiln of the Jingdezhen kiln during the Tianqi-Chongzhen era (1621-1644) at the end of the Ming dynasty in China. Most of them are said to have been made by order from Japanese tea masters. The same design of items are stored in the National Museum of Tokyo, and it seems that a certain number of them were mass-produced by custom firing, but even if they are the same design, the conspicuous “difference” in brush strokes among each items, and its “plurality” leads to the exceptional fascination.

The hand pointing out a distant mountain by European-like face monk is reminiscent of European-style pistols that have spread to China since the 16th century. The ambiguous and metaphorical paintings of ‘Kosometsuke’ are often satirical, and gratifyingly entertain us in bemusement, like an Harlequin.

There are no notable defects other than a few small chips on the base.

W20cm × H3cm
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