Jizhou Ware Bottle With Relief Of Orchid Crests Design | China, 16-17C

¥28,000 JPY

A bottle with relief of orchid crests and the Cizhou ware style three lines design. It must have been made in one of a Jizhou type of kiln in the Ming dynasty. It is more like a vase used by aristocrats for ornamental purposes, rather than a symbolic object in temples.

Orchids have been regarded as one of the flowers that embody the spirituality of a man of virtue since ancient times in China, and it is thought that the fact that Cheng-Zhu School became a national theology at that time also influenced the style of this bottle. However, it is a rare example that also has a Western aspect, such as the orchid crest design reminiscent of Fleur de Lys.

There are no notable defects and the condition is good. The design that is streaked straw ash glazes on the black glaze could be an application of the former “tortoiseshell glaze”.

W11cm × H18cm
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