Mino Ware Dish With Iron Painting And Blue Printing Design | Japan, 17-18C


A blue-and-white pottery dish with iron painting and blue printing. It is probably the early Ofuke ware baked in the Mino Seianji kiln. This dish is older than the so-called Taihaku type (Imari type Seto-Mino ware), so it seems to have been made before the middle of the Edo period.

The design is oriented toward Imari ware, and the “蛇の目 – snake’s eye”, which is the circular stacking mark of the inside glaze scraped off in the a snake shape, is reminiscent of “Kurawanka” (Hasami ware). At first impression of this dish’s intricate decoration, the combination of two pairs of iron painting and blue painting, hand-painting and printing, but the circular stacking mark, which is likened to the third ring, consolidates its design.

There are repairs for kiln scratches and very small chips, but the condition is generally good. An absolutely important work as a missing link of the connection between the decline of Mino ware and the prosperity of Seto ware at that time.

W22cm × H4cm
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