Early Imari Ware Celadon Dish With Raised Radish Design | Japan, 17C

¥13,000 JPY

A stunning celadon dish with a raised large Japanese radish design. The bifurcated radish is said to be a lucky charm, but this dish’s radish is trifurcated.

It is an early Imari ware ‘Shoki Imari’, or a little later in the middle of the 17th century, and features a thick celadon glaze. The unglazed part is painted with iron mud and finished in brown, is a sign of longing for Longquan Celadon.

There is a trace that the central part of the dish has come off along the circumference of the base, but it has been fixed firmly. In addition, there is one hairline and fixed chips.

W17cm × H3cm
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