Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Tea Bowl “Katade Chawan” | Korea, 18C


A type of tea bowl called “Katade Chawan” from the Joseon dynasty era in the Korean Peninsula. The crackle glazes are tightly in a soft semi-porcelain body, and the impression is somewhat different from the so-called Katade Chawan. This bowl does not have the weight of famous Bunwon-ri ware white porcelain, so that it is presumed to have been made by potters in a folk kiln in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty.

This bowl has a rounded shape reminiscent of the “Kumagawa Chawan”, tea bowls made in North of the peninsula, but it has the manner of the “Ido-Chawan”, tea bowls made in South of the peninsula, for instance, fine crackle glaze, swirl tokin inside the base, and dynamic kiln traces in the prospect. From those facts, the Southern kiln related to the Ido ware probably made it with the Kumagawa Chawan from the North in mind. Considering the fact that the Northern peninsula works were shipped to Japan from the port of Gyeongsangnam-do (southeastern peninsula), it is easy to imagine that they influenced the style of the South. Although the title was Katade-Chawan it can be said that it is a bowl that has both the North and the South styles that should be called the Kumagawa-shaped Ido-type Chawan.

Since it has not been used for many years and has been kept carefully, the prospect remains unspoiled. Although there is some tea stain, further alterations can be expected by using it.

There are no notable defects and the condition is good. Comes with double boxes.

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