Blue And White Semi-Porcelain Bowls Set of 2 | China 18C


Bowls fired in a private kiln in the south coast of China around the 18th centuries and exported to all around Asia. This type of wide base piece was called “Cantonese ware” which was popular in Japan and China at that moment.

Delicate beauty of the leaves painting in pale color are very well made as unbefittingly for the daily ware. Also, it has characteristics similar to Okinawan (ex. Ryukyu) bowl ‘Makai’, such as shape and painting, and it tells certain relationship between them, like it was exported to Ryukyu or potters ware moved to Ryukyu from that part of China.

A set of two slightly different sizes. Larger one have cracks since it made, but there is no water leakage and no problem in normal use.

W12.5cm × H5.5cm
W12cm × H5cm
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