Joseon Dynasty White Slip Tea Bowl “Kohiki Chawan” | Korea, 16C

¥46,000 JPY

A tea bowl, an iron-rich clay body covered with a translucent glaze on white slip, known as “Kohiki-chawan” with a soft texture and low luster. The morning glory petal-shaped vessel that opens straight from a small foot to the rim retains the remnants of the former Goryeo celadon.

Kohiki ware, a type of Buncheong ware, is made with the purpose of making white porcelain-like pottery as well as Ido ware. These crude white porcelains, which show natural alteration over time and lose their original brilliance, decline in the early 16th century due to the rise of high-quality white porcelain in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do.

This Kohiki-chawan is probabaly belong to the “Boseong” type, even though there are no spur mark. The reddish-brown smooth clay is reminiscent of old Karatsu ware, and it conveys geological continuity of the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese archipelago.

Since it had been in the soil for many years, there is a slight amount of soil on the surface and the adhesion of soil on the base but none of earthy smell. There are no notable defects other than the appearance of a very small glaze peeling on the rim. Comes with an old box.

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