Straw Ash Glazed Tea Caddy “Madara-Karatsu” | Japan, 17C


A “Madara-Karatsu” tea caddy with thick straw ash glaze. The inner body is also glazed, and a spiral potter’s wheel mark appears on the inside bottom. This tea caddy was once handed down as Hoeryong ware and had been revised to Ko-Karatsu as indicated by the authentication written on a box. 

Once it had been confused as Hoeryong ware, the glazing technique is similar to northern part of Korean peninsula works. Therefore, it is possible that it was Kishidake type (early Ko-Karatsu) which was said to be made with the technique that was transmitted from the northern Peninsula potters before the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598). However, it is appropriate to think that the iron-rich clay taste is more close to Fujinokawachi kiln in the early Edo period or Matsuura type a little later that is precisely called Ko-Karatsu.
Likewise, a number of the masterpieces of so-called Madara-Karatsu and Chosen-Karatsu were made in other venerable kilns in Kyushu, such as Uchigaiso kiln, Takatori Ware and Kamanoguchi kiln, Agano Ware even if it had been often distributed as Ko-Karatsu. Afterall it is rather premature to conclude that this piece was made in authentic Karatsu Ware kilns.

This jar may have been handed down to several collectors, sometimes carrying the owner’s wishes, and the origin of the jar was authenticated between Korean Peninsula and Kyushu. In the whirlpool of an unclarified acculturation, this jar solely stands like listening to the tides.

The rim might be restored slightly but there are no notable defects other than that. Comes with a drawstring bag and an old box.

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